Quality and Environment

We responsibly manufacture products that comply with norms, standards and legislation taking care of sustainability at the same time

Quality and environment

Elektrotermija delivers certifying products that meet domestic and international relevant standards and tests, according to customer specifications. Careful choice of materials and components, constant introducing of new technologies, modern equipment and almost 40 years of experience has provided that our products are reliable, safety and with long lifetime. We have introduced quality system according to ISO 9001 Pdf, 320 kB. in 2012. Since we have recognized the importance of environment protection as our aim, we have introduced ISO 14001 Pdf, 320 kB. in 2013. 

Our products are compliant with domestic and international standards. The base for us is IEC EN 60335-1 which covers the general requirements for safety of household and similar electrical appliances. Most of the heater types are approved by accredited, independent and specialized institutions. Our products undergo 100% control on advanced testing equipment before delivery to customer, as well as control in every stage of production. We have possibility to conduct tests in working conditions and through accelerated life tests.

Elektrotermija is strongly committed to reducing energy consumption for products as well as for production processes. Our approach to environmental protection is comprehensive. We strive to increase use of renewable energy and decrease pollution of air, water and quantity of waste. As a result we give our contribution to decrease our impact to environment. Our long-term strategy is finding solutions that will contribute to sustainability society.