High performance in compact space


Coil heaters are available in rectangular cross section 2.2x4.2mm and various lengths. Coil heaters provide high-capacity electrical heating in the tightest instalation spaces at temperatures of up to 750°C on the sheath. The possibility of easy bending allows the use of the coil heaters not only in straight or coiled form, but in almost every geometrical shape. Integrated thermocouple enables precise temperature control. Coil heaters are available with various exits to suit respective application.


  • Hot runner systems, nozzles
  • Plastic industry, mainfold heating
  • Packaging machines, heat sealing rollers
  • Medical equipment, chemical laboratories
  • Foundry technology
  • Air heating
  • Other thermal processes, general machinery

Technical data

Type of

Contact heating


Sheath: Stainless steel
Insulation: Pure Magnesium-Oxide
Heating wire: NiCr 80/20


Rectangular cross section: 2.2x4.2mm
Heated length: 250-1100mm (straight)
Total length: 320-1170mm (straight)
Min. unheated zone: 45mm
Connection head: 25mm

Inner diameter of coil: Ø10-60mm
Length of coil: 20-200mm


Fixing to the object
Tightening by clamping jacket


Connection head protected against humidity

PTFE teflon leads with silicone fiberglass sleeve, ground lead and compensation cable

Standard length 1000mm
Max. temperature resistance: 260°C


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Built in thermocouple type J, located at the bottom

Coil exits: Axial, Tangential, Radial, Special

Coiling schemes:
Coiled with wattage distribution
Coiled evenly
Coiled together


Voltage: 230V
Power: 195-840W
Sheath temperature: Max. 750°C
Inner diameter tolerance: -0.10/-0.40mm
Power tolerance: ±10%
Dielectric strength: 800V


  • Integrated thermocouple
  • Winding or bending according to customer specification in nearly every geometrical form
  • Various connections and exits
  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Precise dimensions, small tolerances

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