Self-regulating heating cables

Output power varies depending on temperature


Parallel self-regulating heating cables decrease or increase the power depending on the change of ambient temperature. The cable provide power where it is needed. Because of this a thermostat is not always necessary. Cable length can be adjusted as appropriate and they will never overheat, even if positioned on top of each other. This facilitates installation on flanges and valves for example. Elektrotermija offers a broad range of self-regulating heating cables, individual control equipment, complete control cabinets and all accessories as termination kits and self adhesive tapes. We can also provide calculations and engineering. Self-regulating heating cables are used in freeze protection and maintaining an even temperature of pipes, valves, flanges and tanks.


  • Ice and snow melting on roofs, gutters and downpipes, icicles preventing
  • Ice and snow melting on parking lots, entrance walkways, staircases and loading ramps
  • Frost protection of tubes, valves and containers
  • Temperature maintenance of pipes and tanks
  • Freezing and cooling equipment
  • Air-conditioning systems, climate plants

Technical data

Type of heating

Defrosting, frost protection
Tube and container heating
Temperature maintaining in process plants
Installation in liquid


Buswires: Tinned copper
PTC core: Semi-conductive self-limiting matrix
Insulation: Thermoplastic elastomer
Protective braid: Tinned copper
Outer jacket: Flame retardant thermoplastic


Cross section, regular type: 12.6x6.0mm
Cross section, ligth type: 10.9x6.0mm

Length: According to customer specifications Maximum length depends of circuit breaker size, minimum start-up temperature and output power.

Bending radius: Min. 36mm 


Adapted for the application
Fixing to the object
Free standing in the gutter or pipe


Flexible cables acc. to customer specification
Connections at one end


Regular type: 12 kg/100m
Ligth type: 11 kg/100m

Outer jacket protected against certain inorganic chemical solutions and against abrasion and impact damage.

Tinned copper braid provide mechanical protection and a positive groun path.


Voltage: 208-277V
Output power at 10°C: 25W/m, 31W/m, 40W/m

Continuous exposure temperature: Max. 65°C
Intermittent exposure temperature: Max. 85°C
Min. instalation temperature: -40°C

Protective braid resistance: <18.2Ω/km
Buswire gauge: 1.50mm² (16AWG)
Approvals: UL, CSA, ETL, IECEx, ATEX, EAC, CE

Accessories: Thermostats, Regulators, Sensors, Terminal boxes, Control cabinets


  • Energy efficient, automatically varies its power output in response to ambient temperature
  • Thermostat is not always necessary
  • Easy to install, can be cut to any length
  • Lower costs than steam tracing
  • No overheat or burnout even when overlapped
  • Suitable for use in hazardous environments
  • Waterproof, moisture resistant
  • Extremely safe and durable

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