flat ceramic heaters

Contact heating with good heat transfer


Flat ceramic heaters are used for indirect heating of liquids, direct heating of air or contact heating. For these applications, the ceramic element is usually mounted in a tube or fixing to the object.
Elektrotermija produces heaters with flat ceramic bodies according to customer specifications. Resistance coils are placed in longitudinal holes on oval ceramic bodies. Heat is transferred by radiation, conduction and natural convection.


  • Steam generators
  • Bakery and bread ovens
  • Duplicators, reactors
  • Dryers
  • Indirect heating of liquids
  • Industrial furnaces

Technical data

Type of heating

Indirect - liquid
Direct - air
Contact heating


Cordierite C520


Cross section: 39x11mm

Heater length: Max. 1500mm


Assembled into protective tube
Free standing in the air
Fixing to the object


M4, M5, Nickel wires, Leads with ceramic beads


According to customer specifications
Closed grooves on ceramic
With or without connection head


Voltage: Max. 480V
Surface load: for air 1 W/cm², for oil 2 W/cm², for water 4 W/cm²


  • Length, power and voltage upon request
  • Good heat transfer
  • Increased heating area
  • Fast warm up
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

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