cartridge Heaters Medium density

Long elements with high power are available


Medium density cartridge heaters are used for medium temperatures (550°C) and medium surface loads. Resistive coils are placed in longitudinal grooves of MgO bodies, and afterwards bodies are placed in stainless steel tubes. Whole assembly is compacted afterwards thus increasing heat transfer and stability of the heater. This type of cartridge heater is often used for very long elements. For special application we can offer bent elements as per customers request. We produce medium density cartridge heaters as per customers request and wide stock of raw materials enables us to answer to almost every request in short period of time.


  • Plastic industry, mould heaters
  • Rubber industry, vulkanizing presses
  • Paper industry, printing machines
  • Radiators, towel rails
  • Chemical industry
  • Tool heating
  • Oil heaters

Technical data

Type of heating

Heating of tools with hole matching H7
Liquid heating
Air heating - radiation, natural convection


Tube material:
Stainless steel AISI 316L / EN 1.4404
Stainless steel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541
Stainless steel AISI 309 / EN 1.4828

Flange or nipple material:
Brass or Stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301


Diameter: Ø6mm - Ø20mm
Length: 150mm - 1300mm

Inactive length at the connection end: Min. 15mm
Inactive length at the other end: App. 5-8mm


Flanges, plates, rings

Threaded nipples:
Metric: M10x1, M12x1.5, M14x1.5, M16x1.5, M20x1.5
Imperial: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"


Smooth rigid pins (naked or insulated)
Threaded pins, nuts and washers
Tab terminals

Flexible cables for high temperatures:
Up to 180°C - copper wire with silicone rubber
Up to 250°C - copper or nickel wire with PTFE
Up to 350°C - nickel wire with glass fibre
Above 350°C - nickel wire with ceramic beads

Additional cable protection:
Silicone fiberglass sleeve
Braided metal sleeve (in stainless steel)
Armoured metal hose (in zincified or stainless steel)


Acc. to customer specification
Connection at one or both ends

Straight cable outlet (inner contact, outer contact, contact in ceramic bead)
Right angle cable outlet (with tube, with steel block)

Protective connection heads or boxes
Water-proof head protection (for de-icing)
Sealing method (ceramic, silicone)

Built in thermocouple (Type J or Type K, grounded or insulated)
With different heating zones and non-heating sections


Surface load: Max. 10W/cm²
Sheath temperature: Max. 550°C
Voltage: 12-480V
Power: 50-5000W

Diameter tolerance: -0.03/-0.10mm
Length tolerance: ±2% (or ±2mm)
Power tolerance: ±10%
Resistance tolerance: ±10%

Dielectric strength: 1250V
Insulation resistance: >5 MΩ (cold 500Vdc)


  • Long elements are available
  • Some elements can be bent or shaped
  • Good heat transfer
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy mount and dismount
  • Wide range of dimensions
  • Special connections and designs are available

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