Flexible ceramic heaters

Robust but also thin and bendable


Flexible ceramic heaters are used for indirect heating of liquids or contact heating of solids. For these applications, the ceramic element is usually fixing to the object, assembled into sheet metal casing or mounted in a tube. Elektrotermija produces flexible ceramic heaters according to customer specifications. Resistance coils are placed in longitudinal holes on flat thin ceramic segments. This type of heater can be mounted as flat or as rounded, depending on the shape of the object. Heat is transferred by radiation, conduction and natural convection.


  • Ring and band heaters
  • Extruders
  • Injection machines
  • Containers, tanks
  • Moulds, tools
  • Indirect heating of liquids

Technical data

Type of heating

Contact heating
Indirect liquid heating


Cordierite C520


Heater length: Acc. to customer specification
Heater thickness: 9mm or 14mm
Heater width: Min. 60mm
Other dimensions available upon request


Fixing to the object
Assembled into sheet metal casing of stainless steel or aluminum
Mounted into protective tube


Nickel wires, connection wires with ceramic beads or silicon rubber hose


Acc. to customer specification
Connection at one or two ends
Different shapes: square, rectangular or band
Shaped heaters, with holes and slots


Surface load: Max. 4 W/cm²
Operating temperature: Max. 400°C
Alternative product: Ring and band heaters


  • Flexible, can be bent around
  • Possible shape varieties
  • Fast heat-up
  • Optimal and uniform heat transmission
  • Dimensions, power and voltage upon request

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