sectional ceramic heaters

Traditional solution for indirect heating


These heaters represent most usual solution for indirect heating of fluids and gases. Assembled into protective tube they are not in direct contact with fluid. Main advantage is possibility of simple and quick replacement of ceramic cartridge with resistance coil without dismantling protective tube. In addition, they are suitable for heating oil, bitumen and other mediums which can change the structure, carbonize and burn due to high temperatures on the heater surface which is common for system of direct heating.
Ceramic sectional heaters have resistance coil embedded in grooves on ceramic stars - segments. Resistive wire (Ni-Cr) is used for coils whilst segments material is refractory technical ceramic.


  • Thermal oils, duplicators (reactors)
  • Oils for lubrication, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, gearbox oils
  • Drinking and technical water, both in open and closed systems
  • Steam generators
  • Fluids for cleaning, various solutions and emulsions
  • Fuel oil, heavy oil, bitumen
  • Fluids in galvanic baths, basins with diluted acids, alkaline baths
  • Special fluids and gases, gases in steam form
  • Dryers, industrial furnaces

Technical data

Type of heating

Indirect - liquid
Direct - air


Cordierite C520
Porcelain C110


Heater diameter: Ø30, Ø32, Ø34, Ø36, Ø38, Ø41, Ø44, Ø46, Ø52, Ø54, Ø64mm

Heater length: Max. 6000mm
Inactive length: Min. 50mm
Length of segment: Approx. 50mm


Assembled into protective tube
Free standing in the air


M4, M5, M6, tab terminals, cable


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Horizontal or vertical mounting position

Open grooves on ceramic


Voltage: Single phase, two phase, three phase
Power: Max. 20kW

Surface load: for air 1 W/cm², for oil 2 W/cm², for water 4 W/cm²

Optional: Protective tubes closed on one side, Flanges with threads or flat, Protective caps and housings


  • Replacement of heater without emptying the container
  • Dimensions, power and voltage upon request
  • Heater is not in direct contact with fluid
  • Suitable for heating of fluids which carbonize and burn due to high temperatures

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