Flexible elements

Possible to use in almost any application


Wide range of applications: Flexible heating elements offer many advantages such as even heat distribution, fast heat-up, compact design, low weight and power density. This makes the field of application broad and diversified. The foil heater can be designed in almost any shape and the large choice of insulation materials makes it possible to use flexible heaters in almost any application. The even heat distribution also makes the foil heater energy efficient.

Improving radiator performance: Heating element inertia improoves the heat accumulation and provides a longer cooling time. On the other hand, it also means longer time is needed to heat up the element. Various foil heating elements mounted on or closed to the front panel can here offer a perfect combination, providing instant heat radiation evenly distributed on the front panel, until the main heat source has reached the set temperature.


BACKER: FOIL AND FLEXIBLE ELEMENTS: Flexible elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages, besides the material being flexible. For instance, the option of multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of positioning sensors. The elements are suitable for various applications in a wide range of areas, including communications, vehicle accessories, monitoring, medicine, individual comfort heat, domestic heating, etc.

GENERAL INFORMATION: "Flexible elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages. The material is flexible and allows multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element or the possibility to locate a sensor. The elements are suitable for different applications in a wide range of business such as communication, vehicles, monitoring, medicine, individual comfort heat, domestic heating etc. We can produce elements within a high range of technical specifications, for example power from 0 to 10 Watt/cm² and insulation material from –270°C to +400°C."


  • Medical and laboratory instruments
  • Heat pumps, compressors and crannkcases
  • Barrel, drum, pail or cylindrical vessel heaters
  • Food heating applications
  • Underfloor heating
  • Bathroom mirror heaters
  • Heating panels, ceiling heaters
  • Various industrial applications
  • Preventing ice and condensation
  • Refrigeration and evaporation systems

Technical data

Type of heating

Contact heating
Air heating
Indirect liquid heating


PEN - Polyethylene naphthalate
PET - Polythylene terephthalate
PVC - Polyvinyl chloride
FRTP - Fibre reinforced therm plastic


Almost without limits

Standard range or acc. to customer specification


Self adhesive
Vulcanized on sheet metal
Coil spring


Connecting wires
Tab terminals


Many types of configurations to fit the size and shape required

Multiple circuits or voltages in the same element

Possibility to add thermostat, safety fuse, thermistors or temperature sensors


Power: Max. 1500W
Voltage: Max. 400V, Single or three phase
Operating temperature: Max. 230°C

Safety acc. to EN 60335-1

Product examples