Aluminum elements

Silent running, even heating and low weight


Aluminum elements are developed to improve old, traditional heating systems. They guarantee a noiseless operation, perfect performance and optimal efficiency. With aluminum elements you benefit from the excellent heat conduction of the material and the enlarged surfaces allows a compact design of your application.
You get a fast and uniform heating along aluminum sections. Large surface area gives low working temperature. This prevents any burned smell and blackened wall paper above the convector. The aluminum elements can also be surface treated to further improve the radiation efficiency.


  • Radiators
  • Convectors
  • Train compartment heaters
  • Inner ceiling radiant heaters
  • Frost protection
  • IR elements
  • Heating fans
  • Heat curtains
  • Towel heaters

Technical data

Type of heating



Aluminum AA6060, AA6063


Standard range or acc. to customer specification
Element diameter: Ø8.5mm or Ø14mm
X-profile: 51x71mm, 65x84mm or 67x89mm
I-profile: 80mm or 100mm, 180mm (ceiling heating)
Length: Min. 250mm, Max. 1500mm


We offer special fixing devices
Attachment in object


M4, tab terminal, spot welded cable, round pin 1.50mm or 2.5mm


One or two wattage ratings/element
Connection at one or two ends
X-profile or I-profile (concave or straight)
Elements for convection, Elements for radiation
Uncoated, anodized or painted elements
Elements with surface enlargement, finned profile


Operating temperature: Max. 350°C
Voltage: 230V, 400V, Max. 480V
Safety acc. to EN 60335-1


  • Low weight
  • High degree of corrosion-resistance
  • Effective conduction of heat
  • Fast and even heating
  • Long duration product
  • No odour during heat up
  • Noiseles
  • Energy saving
  • Low tool cost for new production

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