Nozzle heaters

Safe heating and good heat transmission


Nozzle heaters are reliable and traditional solution for heating of various cilindrical parts for numerous industrial processes. Outer sheath of the element can be made from brass or stainless steel. Heating wire or ribon is isolated by mica plates from the outer sheath. We can offer various positions and angles of cable connections, braided sleeves or armored hoses. Heating element must be tightly to the heated surface and gaps should be avoided, through the entire life service of the element.


  • Plastic extruders
  • Injection machines
  • Presses, nozzles and various tools

Technical data

Type of

Contact heating


Brass sheath
Stainless steel sheath


Standard range or acc. to customer specification
Inner diameter: Ø25-Ø100mm
Length: 20-60mm


Fixing to the object
Tightening by bolt M4


Metal braided cable, standard length 1000mm, with two nickel power leads and one ground lead


Standard outlet: Axial 45°
Alternative outlets: Radial, Tangential, Axial 0°, Axial 30°
With/without built in thermocouple type J


Voltage: 230V
Power: 80-840W
Surface load: 4.5 W/cm²


  • Quick and safe heating
  • Optimal and uniform heat transmission
  • Smooth surface
  • Tightly sealed to prevent the entry of melted plastic, oil or gas
  • High insulation resistance
  • Suitable for corrosive materials such as PVC

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