For frost protection and temperature regulation


Constant wattage heating cables are divided into zones and can be cut to any desirable length. They have a constant wattage per meter throughout the entire length of the cable. That means that total power depends only on required length of heating cable. Elektrotermija offers these type of cables for temperatures up to 180°C and specific wattages from 10W/m to 50W/m.
Heating cables of constant power are produced by winding of heating wire around two parallel conductors . The conductors are insulated with silicone rubber. At the distance of each 500mm, around 10mm of insulation is removed thus making a contact between heating wire and load or neutral conductor. Outer layer of silicone insulation guarantees good flexibility and resistance to high temperatures. Metal braid gives protection from mechanical damage, improves heat transfer and can be used for grounding.
The heating cables must not cross one another and a thermostat must always be used to control the temperature. We supply a wide range of thermostats and accessories for heating cables.


  • Air-Conditioning - heating and temperature maintaining of containers, tanks, reservoirs, bunkers
  • Constructions - freezing protection of metal and plastic pipes, valves and fittings; temperature maintaining of steam, oil fuel and water pipelines
  • Civil engineering - removing of snow and ice from: roofs, water shoots, drains, skylights, staircases, pavements, ramps; under floor heating of residences, business offices
  • Refrigeration - prevention of condensation on cooling cabinets; defrosting of evaporators; door heating in cold storages; under floor heating of cold storages; compressors
  • Various purposes - heating of aquariums, terrariums, glasshouses; agriculture applications, growing of vegetables, flowers and mushrooms, breeding of animals; electric blankets, telecommunication equipment, satellite antennas

Technical data

Type of heating

Defrosting, frost protection
Tube and container heating
Temperature maintaining in process plants
Installation in liquid
Floor heating


Heating wire: Resistance alloy NiCr, CuNi, FeCrAl
Buswires: Tinned copper
Insulation: Silicone rubber - white
Buswire insulation: Silicone rubber - white
Protective braid: Tinned copper


Cross section, without braid: 7.5x5.2mm
Cross section, with braid: 8.1x5.8mm
Cross section, with final outer jacket: Ø8mm

Heating length: Acc. to customer specification
Min. heating length: 0.5m
Max. heating length: 161m (10W/m), 80m (20W/m), 53m (30W/m), 40m (40W/m), 32m (50W/m)

Bending radius: Min. 20mm 


Adapted for the application
Fixing to the object
Self adhesive aluminum tape
Sheet metal mounting strips


Flexible cables acc. to customer specification
Connections at one end
Min. cold end: 0,4m


With or without final outer jacket - transparent silicone rubber insulation.
Tinned copper braid provide mechanical protection and a positive groun path.


Specific power: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50W/m²
Voltage: 230V
Power: Max. 1610W
Current: Max. 7A

Max. operating temperature: 180°C
Max. temperature (short-term): 230°C
Min. temperature: -30°C

Dielectric strength: 1500V/1s
Buswire gauge: 0.75mm²

Accessories: Capillary, ambient or contact thermostats, Regulators, Sensors, Control cabinets


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Adaptability to different heating surfaces, easy to install
  • Small cross section
  • Connection on one side
  • Breakdown on one heating section does not cause a breakdown of entire heating cable
  • No current peaks at startup
  • Feasibility of cutting off cable to required length
  • Without visible signs of aging during exploitation period

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