teflon COATed heaters

Excellent chemical resistance


Tubular galvanic heaters with teflon (PTFE) coating are used for heating of fluids in electroplating baths and other industrial processes. Heaters consist of connection head, tubular heating element, PTFE coating and connection cable. These heaters combine versatility of tubular elements and excellent chemical resistance of teflon. They are shaped according to baths and installation method. Heated part must be fully immersed in fluid, while connection head must be out of fluid and away from vapors and steams. Special three phase executions with 3 or 6 elements at one terminal box. Liquid level controller and thermostat should be mounted on the bath.


  • Nickel plating, chemical nickel plating
  • Chrome plating
  • Phosphating
  • Electro polishing of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Electrolyte with F anion

Technical data

Type of

Liquid heating


Tube material - Stainless steel:
AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Teflon (PTFE) coating

Epoxy resin connection head


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Element diameter: Ø8.5mm, Ø10mm
Element length: Max. 5200mm
Inactive length: 150-1000mm

Connection head Ø60x44mm

PTFE coating up to 1mm


Vertical position in the bath
Placed on the bottom of the bath


PVC cable 2m included


Tubular heating element with teflon (PTFE) coating

Different shapes acc. to customer specification


Voltage: 230V, 400V, 3x400V
Surface load: Max 2.3 W/cm2
Operating temperature: Max. 90°C
Protection class IP66

Regulation: External thermostat, Liquid level controller

Alternative product: Catridge heaters with PTFE coating


  • Excelent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for heating of almost all fluids
  • Different shapes available
  • Dimensions and power upon request

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