Tubular elements air & gases

Wide selection of element sizes and types


Years of experience and constant production improving have resulted in wide range of different tubular electric heating elements. These elements are the most common and the cheapest solutions for various needs. Elektrotermija produces tubular heating elements both for household appliances and for industry and special applications. We produce air tubular electric heating elements with mounted electrical and mechanical connections. These elements are made in straight or bend shape according to customers needs. Stainless steel tubular heating elements are the most versatile and the most represented product of electric heating industry and are foundation for production of numerous heating systems such as duct heaters, flow heaters, power resistors and many, many more. All elements are tested according to EN 60335-1.


  • Household appliances
  • Radiators, Convectors, Fan heaters
  • Hot-air curtains
  • Horeca industry, Professional kitchens
  • Industrial furnaces, dryers, ovens
  • Frost protection, Anti-freeze devices
  • IR-heaters, Saunas
  • Power resistors
  • Railway switch points
  • Train compartment heaters

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced or natural convection
Contact heating / Conduction
Frost protection


Tube material - Stainless steel:
AiSi 304 / EN 1.4301
AiSi316Ti / EN 1.4571
AiSi 316L / EN 1.4404
AiSi 321 / EN 1.4541
AiSi 309 / EN 1.4828
Incoloy 800 / EN 1.4876
Incoloy 825 / EN 2.4858

Strip: Stainless steel AiSi 430 /EN 1.4016
Fin: Stainless steel AiSi304, Zinc plated steel
Flanges/Plates: Stainless steel, Brass, Zinc plated steel


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Tube diameter: Ø6.5, Ø8.5, Ø10, Ø12, Ø14mm

Other dimensions avaliable upon request


Fixing to the object with flanges/nipples, fixing plates, etc. acc. to customer specification

Great variety of standard solutions


M4, M5, M6, Tab terminals, Round pins, Cables, Nickel leads, Vulcanized terminals, Terminal boxes


Round tubular heating elements
Square finned elements
Finned elements
Flat tubular heating elements
Defrosting elements

Custom made elements as per customer request, drawing, sample, idea...

Different shapes acc. to customer specification


Voltage: Max 480V, for higher values consult us
Surface load: Max. 10W/cm²
Dielectric strength: 1500V
Sheath temperature: Max. 900°C
Protection class up to IP65 
Safety acc. to EN 60335-1

Product examples