Heating coils and meanders

Broad range of types, sizes and temperatures


Elektrotermija produces open coils, spirals and meanders in a broad range, according to customer specifications. Wires, rods, ribbons, strips and tapes can be straight or bent in a wide range of shapes and dimensions. Coils and meanders are usually supported by ceramic bodies and bearers. Power and voltage are determined according to requirements. Maximum allowed temperature is up to 1400°C, depending on the heating alloy. These types of elements are mainly used for industrial ovens, convectors, packaging industry, dryers, etc.


  • Industrial furnaces
  • Heat treatment applications
  • Dryers, convectors
  • Packaging industry, heating curtains
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Glass, electronics, steel and ceramic industry

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced and natural convection


Heating alloys:
NiCr 80/20 (2.4869)
FeCrAl 20/5 (1.4767)
FeCrAl 25/5 (1.4765)

Terminal pins: AiSi314 (1.4841)


Acc. to customer specification

Wire diameter: Ø0.06 - Ø7.00mm
Ribbon width: 0.50 - 30mm
Ribbon thickness: 0.10 - 1.50mm


Adapted for the application


Terminal pins
Cables with different connections
Adapted for the application


Wires, Rods, Ribbons, Strips
Spirals, Coils, Meanders


Max. temperature: 1200 - 1400°C
Regulation: External thermocouple


  • Wide range of element types
  • Shapes and dimensions acc. to customer request
  • Special voltages and powers are available
  • Fast response, fast heating
  • Minimum heat loss
  • High temperatures

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