Ring & band heaters

Micanite or ceramics in metal casing


Ring and band heaters, made of micanite or ceramics covered with metal sheeting, are used for contact heating mainly in the plastics, casting and rubber industries. We produce heaters according to customer specification in steel, aluminum or brass version to ensure the best choice on each application. Heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, types of outlets and cables protections for an excellent mechanical strength. Upon request, they can be supplied with thermocouple.


  • Extrusion of plastics
  • Injection machines
  • Containers and tanks
  • Moulds and tools
  • Glue drying
  • Drums and tubes heating

Technical data

Type of

Contact heating
Indirect liquid heating


Insulation: Micanite, Ceramics
Casing: Stainless steel, Aluminum


Acc. to customer specification
Inner diameter: Min. Ø25mm
Width: Min. 20mm


Fixing to the object
Tightening of the belt by bolt


Connection box
Cable, Nickel wire
Cabinet inlet
Flat pin connectors
Screw and nut


Acc. to customer specification
Ceramics with sheet metal casing
Micanite with sheet metal casing
Different shapes
With built in thermocouple
With nipples, holes and slots for external temperature sensors


Surface load: Max. 3.5W/cm² (micanite), Max. 6.5W/cm² (ceramics)
Operating temperature: Max. 350°C (micanite), Max. 600°C (ceramics)


  • Possible shape varieties
  • Easy installation
  • Fast heat-up
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Wide selection of termination and clamping
  • Rugged construction

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