Underfloor Heating mats

Quick heating and continuous warm keeping of floors


Heating mats are used for inside applications such as in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, but also for hotel rooms or living rooms. The heating mat consists of a twin conductor heating cable attached to a extremely thin flexible fibreglass net. They have an adhesive back for an easy installation. The heating mat is normally placed in the adhesive layer of a tiled floor. By making an incision between cables, you can lay the mat back in the opposite direction. This procedure can be repeated until the whole floor area is covered. You can choose almost whatever covering material you like: carpets, PVC or cork, but also tiles, parquet or marble.
The heating mat has to be controlled by a thermostat. It can be controlled on floor or room temperature or a combination of these. The pleasent radiant heat allow you to reduce room temperature settings by 3°C, but your room will remains as comfy as before.


  • Underfloor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating
  • For new buildings and renovated old buildings
  • Suitable for carpet, PVC, marble, ceramic tiles and parquet floor
  • Comfort floor heating - or “Warm floor” is additional heating to another heating system
  • Direct heating - or Total heating is the only heating system installed in a room
  • Accumulating heating - is used in houses where there is an opportunity to use electricity during low tariff periods

Technical data

Type of heating

Comfort floor heating
Direct heating
Accumulating heating


Heating wire: Resistance alloy
Insulation: Teflon (FEP)
Buswires: Solid tinned copper
Screen: Aluminium tape and copper wire
Outer jacket:: Synthetic (PVC)


Width: 0.5m
Length: 1-24m
Thickness: 4.5mm
Mat area: 0.5m² - 12m²
Heating cable diameter: Ø3.6mm


Adhesive layer for fixing to the floor


Connections at one end
Power cable length: 2.5m


Twin conductor heating cable attached to a extremely thin flexible fibreglass net.

Feed in from one side with only one cold wire.


Specific power: 150W/m²
Voltage: 230V
Power: 75-1800W

Accessories: Controllers, Sensors, Flexible protective sleeve for sensors


  • Easy to install, saves time and effort
  • Easy adaption to the room conditions
  • Low investment costs
  • Small mat thickness
  • Different lengths available
  • Connection from one side with only one cold wire
  • Pleasant and healthy radiant heat
  • Quick heating, less energy consumption
  • More cosiness and living comfort

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