Significant heat emission from a small surface


Cartridge heaters are made of stainless steel tubes standard diameters from Ø 5 to Ø 40 mm, both in metric and imperial units. Length of the heater upon request, from 30 to 4000mm. Elektrotermija produces several different types of cartridge heaters: classic cartridge heaters (with connections on one end, or two ends), with angular connections, with protective hoses, with threaded or flat flanges, with sliding contacts, with built in thermocouple, with waterproof sealing, with one connection for low voltages, with different heating zones etc. Due to a wide range of semi-finished cartridge heaters on stock we can ship finished products within few days. We have divided cartridge heaters in three main groups based on surface load: Low density, Medium density and High density cartridge heaters.


  • Plastic, rubber, wood and paper industry
  • Packaging equipment
  • Shoe machine and leather industry
  • Automotive industry, braking systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Heating of tools and machine parts
  • Medical technical and laboratory industry
  • Foundry technology

Technical data

Type of heating

Heating of tools with hole
Liquid heating
Air heating


Tube material - Stainless steel:
AISI 304 / EN 1.4301
AISI 316L / EN 1.4404
AISI 321 / EN 1.4541
AISI 309 / EN 1.4828
Incoloy 800 / EN 1.4876

Flange, plate or nipple material:
Brass or Stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301


Circular cross section: Ø5mm - Ø40mm
Square cross section: 10x10, 12x12, 15x15mm
Heater length: 30mm - 4000mm


Mounting flanges, plates, rings
Threaded nipples


Smooth rigid pins, threaded pins, tab terminals
Flexible cables for high temperatures

Cable protection: Silicone fiberglass sleeve, Braided metal sleeve, Armoured metal hose


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Circular or square cross section
Electical connection at one or both ends
Straigth or right angle cable outlet

Protective connection heads or boxes
Finned cartridge heaters

Grounded heaters with one connection
Contacts for sliding supply

With built in thermostat or thermocouple
With different heating and non-heating sections


Surface load: Max. 30W/cm²
Sheath temperature: Max. 750°C
Voltage: 12-480V
Power: 5-5000W

Diameter tolerance: -0.02/-0.10mm
Length tolerance: ±2% (or ±2mm)

Product examples