Micanite elements

Fast and uniform contact heating


BACKER: MICANITE ELEMENTS: Micanite elements are typically used for contact heating of tools and for indirect heating of liquids in vessels. Micanite is an excellent insulation material based on mica. The micanite sheets can be cut, punched or shaped to fit in tools, etc. Micanite elements enclosed in flat or round metal sheeting are called band heaters.

GENERAL INFORMATION: "Micanite elements are used for contact heating of tools and indirect heating of fluids in different types of containers. Micanite is an excellent insulation material based on mica, which can be cut, punched or shaped. They can also be encapsulated with steel and are then called band- or ring elements."

CALESCO: The Mica heaters are etched foil elements, sandwiched between layers of mica. The heater can be rigid or soft in order to fit the application.
In all cases the mica heater need uniform mecanical clamping to give the best longterm performance.

STANDARD PRODUCTS: Foil heating element between micanite plates.
Heat recistance max 400°C
Connection cables length 200mm

STOCK: The Mica heaters are an etched foil element, sandwiched between layers of mica. Mica material creates a fairly rigid heater, but is also able to handle extreme temperatures. For use at lower temperatures (below 100°C), it works perfect as a stand-alone heater. However, higher temperatures require proper support and even pressure to provide good heat transfer. For example, it can be uniformly clamped between two metal plates.


Can be used assembled in open air, tipically for radiators and heating panels.


  • Protection against cold
  • Tool heating
  • Drying equipment
  • Bread toasters
  • Heating plates
  • Containers
  • Frost protection
  • Packing, strapping and sealing equipment
  • Food service appliances
  • Radiators, heating panels

Technical data

Type of heating

Contact heating
Indirect liquid heating
Convection - air heating


Enclosure in, e.g. stainless steel or aluminum


Acc. to customer specification
Width: Min. 20mm
Thickness: Min. 1.8mm


Fixing to the object


Cables, tab terminals, screws and nuts, nickel wires with ceramic beads or silicon rubber hose


Acc. to customer specification
Square, round, rectangular shape
Rigid or soft elements
Cut, punched or shaped element


Operating temperature: Max. 400°C
Voltage: Max. 480V (single or three phase)
Surface load: 3–4 W/cm² (at very high heat transfer)
Safety acc. to EN 60335-1


  • Can be shaped to fit the application
  • Compact design
  • Fast warm up
  • High working temperatures
  • Can be used assembled in open air
  • Low moisture absorption

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