Standard or customized types, straight or bended


Elektrotermija offers highly compressed tubular heating elements made of stainless steels, with flat oval cross section. They can be delivered in straight design or bended as to specification, with various connection types or with brazed mounting bushes. There is a possibility to produce of element with connection at one or two ends or locating the thermocouple inside the rod. Standard elements are available from stock. Additionally, various sheath materials are possible. Flat tubular elements are recommended for use in a wide range of industrial applications even in the harshest operating conditions.


  • Railway switch points, tram switch points
  • Asphalt mixing systems
  • Frost protection
  • Horeca industry, deep fat fryers
  • Indirect heating of liquid, tank heating, bath heating

Technical data

Type of heating

Indirect - liquid
Direct - air
Contact heating


Sheath - Stainless steel:
AISI 316Ti / EN 1.4571
AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Insulation: Pure Magnesium-Oxide
Heating wire: NiCr 80/20
Flange: Stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Cross section: 13x5.5, 16.5x6.5, 12.2x7mm
Length: 400-3000mm, Max. 6000mm
Inactive length at the connection end: 70-300mm
Inactive length at the other end: 20-30mm


Fixing to the object

Standard mounting fittings
Special flanges, nipples and methods of fixing


Cable, Nickel wires, Round pins 30-50mm
With or without connection box


Single-wire, two-wire and three-wire conductor
Connection at one or two ends
Straight or bended acc. to customer specification
With or without built-in thermo couple NiCr-Ni type K 


Voltage: 230V, 3x400V
Power: 125-6000W
Surface load: 1-5W/cm²
Sheath temperature: Max. 750°C
Dielectric strength: 1250V
Protection class IP65 


  • Single sided or two-sided connections
  • Bending according to customer specification
  • Various sheath materials are available
  • High strength, rugged construction
  • Long elements are available
  • Good heat transfer thanks to large contact surfaces

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