Cast-in elements

Tailor made elements to meet most demanding applications


Elektrotermija produces custom made cast-in heating elements. Round tubular heating elements are casted into aluminum alloy, usually silumin. Uniform heating and heat accumulation are essential for various industrial processes thus cast-in elements are excellent choice for these purposes. Rugged construction, optimum solidity on lower temperatures (up to 300°C) are additional benefits for these products. Cast-in elements are produced in various shapes, oval, rectangular, tailor made, with one or more heating elements enabling different heating zones, with terminal boxes, thermostats or thermocouples, numerous mounting executions. We can provide complete solution, from idea to final product.


  • Plastic welding machines
  • Plastic extruders, Injection machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Indirect heating of various liquids
  • Heating plates, Bunkers
  • Tool heaters, Machinery

Technical data

Type of

Indirect liquid heating
Contact heating


Different aluminum alloys


Max. 500x500mm, for bigger dimensions consult factory

Minimum thickness 13mm

Element diameter: Ø6.5mm,Ø8.5mm or Ø10mm


Fixing to the object


M4, M5, tab terminal, spot welded cable, round pin


Acc. to customer specification
Heating zones/groups
Different shapes
With holes and slots for external temperature sensors


Safety acc. to EN 60335-1


  • Increased heat-emitting area
  • Rugged construction
  • Soft and uniform heating
  • Heat accumulation
  • Large mass and high inertia

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