Open wire elements

Wires, rods, ribbons and strips, coiled or straight


Elektrotermija manufactures open heating elements in a wide range, according to customer specifications. Wires, rods, ribbons and strips can be straight, coiled or bent in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Special dimensions, temperatures, voltages and powers are available. These elements can be made from CrFeAl alloys or from NiCr alloys, depending on working conditions and atmosphere. To prevent overheating, it is recommended to use safety thermocouple or thermostat. Typical applications of these elements include industrial furnaces, packaging equipment, power plants and electric appliance industry.


  • Industrial furnaces and heat treatment applications
  • Packaging industry, heating curtains, hot air guns
  • Power plants, turbines, generators
  • Electric appliance industry, dryers, fan heaters
  • Resistors, electronic components
  • Steel and aluminum industry, casting plants
  • Glass and ceramic industry

Technical data

Type of

Contact heating


Heating alloy: FeCrAl or NiCr
Insulator: Micante, cordierite, alumina, ceramic fiber
Housing: Stainless steel or galvanized steel
Terminals: Heat resistant stainless steel


Wire diameter: Ø0.06 - Ø7.00mm
Ribbon width: 0.50 - 30mm
Ribbon thickness: 0.10 - 1.50mm

Other dimensions available upon request


Vertical or horizontal installation position

Adapted for the application


Terminal pins, terminal rods
Cables with different connections

Acc. to customer specification


Wires, Rods, Ribbons, Strips, Spirals, Coils, Meanders

Bolt heaters
Cage rod elements
Suspended elements
Open mica elements
Zig-zag and porcupine elements
Coils immersed in water


Max. temperature: 1200 - 1400°C
Power and voltage: Acc. to customer request
Regulation: External thermostat or thermocouple

Product examples