Ceramic elements

For direct air heating or indirect liquid heating


Elektrotermija produces a wide range of different heaters on ceramic bodies. Resistance coils are placed in longitudinal holes or grooves on oval, rectangular, hexagonal... ceramic bodies or suspended on ceramic bearers. Great advantage is possibility of replacing of the element without emptying container. In such cases elements are placed in protective tubes. Ceramic elements are also used in applications when increased wall thickness of the tube due to heavy pressure stresses is required. Heat is transferred by radiation, conduction, convection or forced convection.


  • Indirect heating of liquids
  • Electrical water heaters, boilers, containers, tanks
  • Industrial baths, galvanic baths
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Oil pre-heaters, duplicators, reactors
  • Air pre-heaters, dryers, fans, hot air guns
  • Bakery and bread ovens, steam generators
  • Storage heaters

Technical data

Type of heating

Indirect - liquid
Direct - air
Contact heating
Forced convection
Natural convection




Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Heater diameter: Ø13-Ø64mm
Heater length: Max. 6000mm
Other dimensions available upon request


Mounted into protective tube
Assembled into sheet metal casing
Free standing in the air
Fixing to the object


M3, M4, M5, M6, tab terminals, round pins, nickel wires, connection wires with ceramic beads or silicon rubber hose


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Different shapes: Round, sectional, flat, brick, flexible, with ceramic bearers
One, two or three wattage ratings/element
Horizontal or vertical mounting position
Connection at one or two ends
Open or closed grooves on ceramic
With or without connection head


Voltage: Single phase, 2-phase, 3-phase, Max. 480V
Power: Max. 20kW
Operating temperature: Max. 500°C

Product examples