Anti-condensation heaters

Climate control and prevent moisture


Anti-condensation heaters are used to prevent moisture and condensation in cabinets, electrical equipment and electronic information boards. The heaters are designed for optimal heat emission. The surface temperature of the heater is low, which enables safe installation close to electronic equipment. The heater can be furnished with a temperature limiter and meets the safety requirements according to EN 60335-1. The dimensions of the heater are small, still allowing high power, to make the anti-condensation heater useful in a wide range of product applications.


  • Electronic information boards
  • Cabinets
  • Electrical plants
  • Fuel pumps
  • Engines / Drives
  • Computers / IT / Telecom
  • Weather stations
  • Anti-freeze devices

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced convection
Contact heating


Aluminum profile
Stainless steel tube, Stainless steel or zinc plated finns
Silicone rubber vulcanized on plate


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Aluminum heaters on stock:
Profile dimensions: 66x80mm
Lengths: 100mm, 120mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

Finned heaters on stock:
Fin dimensions: 55x25mm
Lengths: 155/205mm, 205/255mm, 305/355mm, 405/455mm

Silicone heaters on stock:
90x150mm, 120x185mm


DIN socket
Nipples, fixing plates, etc. acc. to customer specification
Adhesive, Clamping


Cables, M4, M5, tab terminals


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Cartridge heater inside aluminum profile
Tubular heating element with square fins
Silicone heater with cable on plate


Voltage: 230V
Power: 30-700W
Safety acc. to EN 60335-1

Accessories: Thermostat for heater NC 0-60ºC, Thermostat for fan NO 20-80ºC, Hygrostat 50-90%RH

Alternative product: Heaters with self-regulating PTC-element, Heaters with fan

Product examples