barrel heaters

Silicone heaters with adjustable thermostat



The silicone barrel heater is designed to keep liquids and oil-based products warm and fluid. As standard, the barrel heater is delivered with an indicator LED, 30-110 °C, thermostat, 165 °C thermal cut-off, 3 m power cord with a plug for connection to grounded sockets. As requested, other thermostats and thermal cut-offs can be fitted. The barrel heater meets the requirements per EN 60335-1.

During operation, the barrel heater must be mounted on a barrel. The barrel heater may not be used outdoors or in wet rooms and must be kept dry.

Assembly: The barrel heater must be mounted the lower part of the barrel so that the entire contents of the barrel will be heated. To ensure optimal heat transmission, the tensioning device on the heater must be re-tensioned after the first use. The tensioning device adjustment should be regulary checked. Use gloves if the heater has been in operation. The barrel heater must not be used outside, in wet rooms or when not mounted on a barrel. The heater must be kept.

Thermostat: Thermostat can be adjusted with a screw driver using the scale as referenc. To access the thermostat, a rubber plug must be removed from the terminal box. The temperature on the scale shows the surface temperature of the barrel, not the temperature of the content in the barrel.

Thermal cut-off: The barrel heater features a device to prevent overheating and that disconnects the element if problems should arise related either to the regulating thermostat or heat transmission to the barrel. The thermal cut-off unit can be manually reset with a push button, located under a domed nut at the terminal box. Before resetting, the barrel heater must be cooled and its attachment to the barrel checked. If the barrel heater cannot be operated after resetting the heater, if must be inspected by an authorized electrician.

Safety: Parts of the barrel heater become hot during operation!
The barrel heater must not be used closer than one meter from inflammable material, including construction material. The barrel to be heated must be open for ventilation throughout the entire heating period. The barrel must also be positioned at a well ventilated location to avoid ignition.


  • Wide range of poly and metal barrel/drum/pail heating applications
  • Freeze protection
  • Viscosity control
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Melting of solids

Technical data

Type of heating

Contact heating
Indirect liquid heating


Silicone rubber


Standard range

Heaters available on stock:
Width: 75-100mm
Length: 730-1700mm


Coil spring closure can be expanded
Must be mounted the lower part of the barrel


Cable with ground connection


Designed as a silicone heater
Easy-to-use adjustable thermostat control

Sizes available to fit standard barrels: 10L (Ø250mm), 20L (Ø300mm), 55L (Ø380mm), 114L (Ø473mm) and 200L (Ø570mm)


Voltage: 230V
Power: 400-1500W
Alternative product: Compressor heaters, Drum & IBC container heaters
Operating temperature: Max. 200°C
Safety acc. to EN 60335-1


  • Easy-to-use, simple plug-and-play design
  • Quick adjustment
  • Uniform heat transmission
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Long service life
  • Excellent strength and flexibility
  • Low weight
  • Space saver

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