Light industrial heating device with thermostat


Finned tube space heaters are mostly used in industrial and commercial areas. They are perfect for short term request for warmth. The heating power can be regulated, and the thermostat keeps chosen temperature constant. Device is equipped with cable gland for the safe use of silicone rubber insulated connection cable. You can choose single phase or three phase connection in power range from 500W to 1000W. For special applications, different voltages and powers or different stainless steel qualities are available. Technical characteristics are projected in a way that reliability and service life of device are at maximum level. The device must not neither be covered, nor sprayed with water or liquids, or work nearby explosive or flammable materials. Device is for interior use only - must not be run on open spaces.


  • For rough industry environment
  • Power plants
  • Frost protection
  • Small spaces, small rooms
  • Food industry
  • Sewage plants or swimming facilities

Technical data

Type of heating

Natural convection heat
Radiant heat


Finned tube and feet stands: Stainless steel
Heater: Ceramic
Terminal box: Painted aluminum


Height: 170mm
Width: 130mm
Length: 440mm, 650mm, Max. 1040mm
Tube diamater: Ø50.8mm
Fin diameter: app. Ø95mm


Fixed mounting on surface, using feet stands and screws


Cable entry Pg16
Optional cable with silicone rubber insulation
Optional cable plug, one phase or three-phases


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

With capillary thermostat
With or without connection cable


Voltage: 230V single phase, 3x400V three phase
Power: 500-1000W
Temperature on fins: 120°C, Max. 250°C
Temperature regulation: 50ºC-230ºC or 50ºC-320ºC


  • Changing the ceramic heater without changing the tube
  • Highest resistance against corrosion
  • Long service life
  • Optimal heat transfer by large surface
  • Good heat distribution

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