Ignition elements

Capable to withstand the very high temperatures


Elektrotermija produces a line of heating elements for the efficient ignition of pellets and woodchips for stoves, burners and boilers. They are designed to heat air for indirect ignition of solid fuel such as pellet. These elements can be supplied as a complete assembly with an air inlet manifold tube.
Alumina ceramic heaters are suitable for very rapid ignitions or when it is necessary to achieve higher temperature. When the hole is open, the air goes both externally and within the ceramic heater. This is more effective solution and allows to reduce the incandescent time. Wood pellets and other solid fuels will be ignited quickly limiting the exhaust gases and reducing smoke to a minimum.
Our standard products are always available on stock. Special designs and tailor-made executions of heaters can be developed as per customer's request.


  • Domestic heating - stoves, boilers, burners
  • Igniters (ignition of gas, oil, solid fuels)
  • Pellets, woodchips and split logs
  • Coal and coke briquettes
  • Corn, maize or other biomass fuels
  • Barbeque charcoal lighter

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced convection


Tube material:
Incoloy 800 / EN 1.4876 or Metalized alumina

Flange, ring or nipple material:
Brass or Stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Diameter cartridge: Ø10 or Ø12.5mm
Diameter ceramic: Ø11.55mm
Diameter tubular: Ø6.5mm

Length: 90-250mm


Heater mounted in tube/air manifold

Threaded nipple fixed on heater (3/8" or 1/2")
Flange or ring welded on heater
Straight heater - without nipple, flange or ring


Flexible cables for high temperatures
Silicone fiberglass sleeve for additional protection

Threaded pins, nuts and washers
Tab terminals


High density cartridge heaters
Alumina ceramic heaters (open or closed)
Cordierite ceramic heaters
Tubular heating elements (different shapes)


Power: 200-700W
Voltage: 220-240V
Max. temperature cartridge or tubular: 750°C
Max. temperature alumina: 1000°C
Ignition time: 60-120 sec

Accessories: Air inlet manifold tube, Probe, Thermocouple


  • Effective ignition within a short time
  • Extreme tolerance of high surface temperature
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • High number of switching cycles
  • Very simple to install and retrofit
  • Compact, space-saving
  • Long life time and high reliability
  • Low smoke emission during ignition
  • Completely insulated, no exposed electrical contacts
  • Ceramic elements are resistant to moisture, corrosion, oxidation, thermal stress and extremely high temperatures

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