For heavy-duty industrial space heating


Cast ribbed space heaters are devices for heavy-duty industrial space heating recognizable by its robustness. They are constructed and manufactured in a way that are fully safe for use even in hard duty conditions (moisture, dust, shocks...). During running, device accumulates significant heat that is transferred to air after turning off - thermal radiation. Also, ribbed heating surface provide convection. Heating surface can be very hot, so it must not be touched. Heating elements are pressed-in in devices housing in a way that heat distribution on heating part is as even as possible. 
A version with capillary thermostat enables temperature control. Thermostat controls operating of device automatically by turning the elements on and off and stands as a protection against overheating. Device is mounted horizontally or vertically on solid and flat surface (floor or wall of room) by using assembly spacers and screws. Versions with embedded main power switch or protective sheet metal cover are available.


  • Heating of tramways, trolleybuses and wagons
  • Heating of crane and elevator cabins
  • Heating of electric drive excavator
  • Heating of electric and hydraulic equipment facilities
  • Garage air heating, to avoid freeze and make engine start easier
  • Air heating of storages, work shops and industrial facilities
  • Can be used as the only source of heating
  • Can be used combined with already installed heating systems

Technical data

Type of heating

Radiant heat
Natural convection heat


Housing: Silumin - Aluminum alloy for cast
Heaters: Stainless steel
Protective cover: Plasticized sheet steel
Thermostat: With ceramic body


695x145x120mm, app. 11kg - shorter version 
940x145x120mm, app. 18kg - longer version


Fixed mounting on surface, using assembly spacers and screws


Cable entry Pg13.5 or Pg16
Optional cable with rubber insulation, 2m long
Optional cable plug, one phase or three-phases


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

With or without main power switch
With or without capillary thermostat
With or without protective sheet metal cover
With or without connection cable


Voltage: 230V single phase, 3x400V three phase
Power: 1000-3000W
Protection class IP53
Temperature regulation: from 50ºC to 230ºC


  • Fully safe for use even in hard duty conditions
  • During running, device accumulates heat
  • Ribbed heating surface provide convection
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Power supply box is separated from heating element
  • Reliability and lifetime are at maximum level

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