Galvanic heaters

Wide selection of available tube materials


Galvanic heaters are used in various industrial applications, starting from cleaning and degreasing up to most demanding and corrosion aggressive plating processes. We offer wide range of materials and executions that provide reliable and safe products. Thanks to almost 40 years of experience in this field, we are able to produce custom made products that meet special requirements. Galvanic heaters with protection sheath are made in porcelain, titanium, glass or stainless steel tubes depending on heating media. We also deliver heating cartridge without tube. Tubular galvanic heaters are made of stainless steel and are shaped according to baths and installation method. Additionally, we produce tubular heating elements with PTFE coating. Galvanic heaters are equipped with protective cap/terminal box and power cable.


  • Different types of baths: Chemical, deacidification, degreasing
  • Surface protection: Nickel plating, tin plating, chrome plating, copper plating, phosphating, browning
  • Heating of water, electrical water heaters
  • Vessels and tanks for oils
  • Other chemical and electro-chemical processes

Technical data

Type of

Liquid heating


Acid-proof stainless steel
Quartz glass
Teflon (PTFE) coated stainless steel
Incoloy 800/825


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Diameter: Ø48-Ø58mm
Length: 300-4000mm
Inactive length: 150-1000mm


Vertical position in the bath
Placed on the bottom of the bath
Various mounting flanges


PVC connection cable


With ceramic heater inside tube of porcelain, acid-proof steel, titanium or quartz glass
With tubular heating element inside tube of porcelain or quartz glass

Tubular heating elements made of different materials
Tubular heating elements with teflon coating

Different shapes acc. to customer specification

One, two or three wattage ratings/element

Tubular heating elements with or without thermostat


Voltage: 230V, 400V, 3x400V, single phase, two phase, three phase
Power: 300-8000W, Max. 15kW
Operating temperature: Max. 90°C
Protection class IP55 or IP66

Regulation: External or internal thermostat, Liquid level controller

Accessories: Protective terminal cap, Protective tube, Heating cartridge without tube

Product examples