For industrial, commercial and domestic use


Fan heating devices are designed for fixed mounting and also for free-standing and portable use. They are ideal for for indoor installation, where high performance of heating is needed. The device must not be mounted in the room with risk of explosion or outdoor. We deliver fan heating devices in 2 different sizes and 4 different wattages. Fan heater provides two operational modes: space heating and space aeration. Space heating - the device is operating fully automatic, and the temperature in the room is chosen and controlled by room thermostat. Space aeration - the fan is turned on while heating elements are turned off, so the fan provides an airflow/circulation. The device starts operating immediately after turning on and specified temperature is achieved in short period of time. Heating elements that are used are spiral ceramic heater with open heating spiral or finned tubular heater with spiral stainless-steel strip.


  • Space heating of industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Space heating of public facilities and working places
  • Household space heating
  • Space heating of restaurants and bars
  • Can be used as the only source of heating
  • Can be used combined with already installed heating systems

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced convection heat


Sheet steel housing, lacquered paint finish
Ceramic or stainless steel heaters


320x405x300 mm, app. 12 kg, 6000W

320x455x345 mm, app. 15 kg, 9000W
320x455x345 mm, app. 15 kg, 10000W
320x455x345 mm, app. 16 kg, 12000W


Fixed mounting option, with console on wall or ceiling
Free-standing option, with rubber spacers for putting on the floor


Cable with three phases plug, 2m long


Standard range

Light version, with spiral ceramic heaters
Industrial version, with tubular finned heaters


Voltage: 3x400V, three prase
Power: 6-12kW

Temperature regulation: 5ºC to 30ºC, max 40ºC
Room thermostat equipped wiht cable 2m long
Safety fuse: 2A
Contactor: 16A or 25A
Axial fan: 16W, 25W or 34W
Fan blade: Ø250mm or Ø300mm


  • Device is fully safe for use
  • Space heating is few times faster then similar devices
  • Power consumption is lower then for similar devices
  • Double protection of overheating
  • Electrical instalation is separated from the heating elements
  • Two operational mods: space heating and space aeration

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