Terminal boxes

Protect from electric shock and moisture penetration


In order to protect electrical connections and prevent the penetration of moisture and dust inside the heater, Elektrotermija offers different types of protection caps and terminal boxes. Protection caps and terminal boxes are produced out of plastic, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Other materials are available on request. Terminal boxes are equipped with thermostats, sensors, limiters and other control equipment upon customer's requests. Some of them are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Rotatiting versions are available, so that suitable orientation of cable entry can be obtained. Depending of model, protection class is confirmed in range of IP55 or IP66.


  • Immersion heaters
  • Galvanic heaters
  • Industrial thermostats
  • Domestic water heaters
  • Industrial baths
  • Customer designed constructions

Technical data


Aluminum, Silumin
Polypropylene, Polyamide
Stainless steel, Steel


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Diameter x length: Ø60x60, Ø89x100, Ø90x90, Ø97x102, Ø112x105, Ø116x107mm


Mounted on heater with threaded flange
Mounted on heater with flat flange
Mounted on protective tube of heater or thermostat


Natural look or painted finish
Rugged or light design
One-piece, two-piece or configuration with cover
Rotating option available


Protection class IP55, IP66
Cable gland: Pg11, Pg13.5, Pg16, M20x1.5
With or without thermostat and thermal cut-off
With or without electronic control

Product examples