Infrared heating lamps, short wave


Halogen infra-red elements have tungsten coil filament supported by quartz tube and protected by halogen gas. These IR lamps can reach up to 2500°C. Quartz tungsten infra-red elements have tungsten coil (or porcupine or star) filament supported by quartz tube and can reach up to 1500°C. These elements provide instant heat-up for fast moving or intensive industrial processes such as plastic industry. These elements produce a constant level of infrared irradiation trough the lamp lifetime. Their benefits for industrial purposes include fast heat transfer, high efficiency, direct response to power control and light weight. 


  • PET bottle blowing and laminating
  • Softening of plastics
  • Curing for glue and printing ink
  • Car painting, preheating before painting
  • High temperature sterilisation
  • Food baking and heating preservation
  • Industrial production oven
  • Drying of paper, wood, laquer, etc.
  • Synthesis cable production
  • Beauty apparatus

Technical data

Type of heating

Infrared radiation - short wave
Forced convection


Quartz glass with halogen
Tungsten (wolfram) filament


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Single tube diameter: Ø10mm
Twin tube size: 11x22mm, 16x33mm
Wall thickness of tube: 1mm

Tube length: 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm


Free standing in the air
Assembled into standard sheet metal reflector of stainless steel

Lamps with square terminal end: Mounting using a R7s ceramic holder
Lamps with round terminal end: Mounting using a steel base holder for SK15 square ceramic


SK15 - square ceramic terminal end with 200mm heat resistant wire

R7s - round ceramic terminal end


Filament winding style:
Coil style: Can heating more evenly, brighter color
Zigzag style: Can heat area bigger, darker color

Outer tube structure: Single tube or twin tube

Connection at one or two ends

Surface of quartz tube:
Transparent tube: Normal style
White ceramic coating: Higher heat radiation rate, lower brightness
Gold coating: Higher heat radiation rate, lower brightness
Rubby tube: Can get more soft light to protect eyesight


Wave length: 0.75-2.00 μm
Heating penetration: 1.2-3.0mm deep under surface
Heating response time: 1-2 second
Structure: Full sealed - air can not go in
Filament temperature: Max. 1450°C
Surface load: 12-17 W/cm²
Power for single tube: Max. 3000W

Accessories: Reflector type RAS, R7s ceramic holder, Steel base holder for SK15 square ceramic


  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to sudden heating and cooling
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Compactness and light weight
  • Fast heat transfer, short reaction time
  • Direct response to power control
  • Heating penetration deep under surface
  • Can be used in vacuum and air flow environments

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