Infrared elements

Can be used in vacuum and air flow environments


Infrared elements are the most effective and price acceptable solutions for numerous industrial processes wherever heat is transfered by radiation. Infra red heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation thus wave lengths of IR waves are essential. Wave length of the element determines maximum temperature, depth of penetration into heated object and response time. Elektrotermija offers several types of IR elements, ceramic, quartz glass and halogen elements as well as appropriate accesories. IR elements are used for drying, curing, thermoforming, baking and other processes where a substantial amount of heat is needed instantly or in short period of time.


  • Plastic softening, thermoforming, blowing and laminating
  • Rubber, glass and textile industry
  • Paper industry, screen printing, curing for glue and printing ink
  • Food baking, cooking grills, microwave ovens
  • Packaging industry, vacuum packaging
  • Car painting, preheating before painting
  • Drying of varnish, laquer, epoxy resins, etc.
  • Space heaters, electric fires, saunas
  • Sterilization

Technical data

Type of heating

Infrared radiation
Forced convection


Quartz glass
Quartz glass with halogen


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Ceramic elements: 60x60, 122x60, 122x122, 245x60mm

Ceramic bulbs: Ø95x140mm

Quartz glass and halogen elements:
Tube diameter: Ø10mm-Ø24mm
Tube length: Max. 3000mm


Standard or custom made sheet metal reflector
Free standing in the air
Fixing to the object


Screws and nuts, tab terminals, nickel wires, leads with ceramic beads, R7s and SK15 ceramic terminal end


Standard range
Acc. to customer specification

Short wave - Halogen IR elements
Middle wave - Quartz glass IR elements
Long wave - Ceramic IR elements and bulbs


Wave length: 0.75-10 μm
Operating temperature: 150–2400°C
Voltage: 12-480V
Power: 125-1000W, Max. 3000W
Heating response time: 1-60 second

Accessories: Reflector type RAS or PAS, R7s ceramic holder, Steel base holder for SK15 square ceramic, Ceramic beads, High temperature cables, Two pole ceramic terminal block, Lock and spring washer, E27 lamp holder

Alternative products: Tubular heating elements, IR panels

Product examples