Industrial space heaters

For heavy and dangerous industrial conditions


This group of space heaters are mostly used in industrial and commercial areas. They are ideal for for indoor installation, where high performance of heating is needed. Technical characteristics are projected in a way that reliability and service life are at maximum level. Devices are constructed and manufactured in a way that are fully safe for use even in hard duty conditions. We can offer Ex certified models for heating in hazardous areas or in the room with a risk of explosion. Some devices are equipped with a thermostat, which controls operating of device automatically as a protection against overheating. Devices must not neither be covered, nor sprayed with water, liquids, or flammable materials.


  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Power plants
  • Public facilities, restaurants and bars
  • Heating of tramways, trolleybuses and wagons
  • Heating of crane and elevator cabins
  • Heating of electric and hydraulic equipment facilities
  • Air heating in hazardous areas or aggressive environment
  • Prevent moisture, condensation and freezing

Technical data

Type of heating

Natural convection heat
Forced convection heat
Radiant heat


Housing: Silumin, Aluminum, Plasticized sheet steel, Stainless steel
Heater: Stainless steel, Ceramic


Standard range or acc. to customer specification


Fixed mounting option
Free-standing option


Cable entry
Cable with or without plug


Fan heating device - Version with fan
Industrial heating device - Heavy industrial version
Finned tube space heater - Light industrial version
Explosion-proof space heater - Ex version


Voltage: 230V single phase, 3x400V three phase
Power: 400-12000W

Certain products allow temperature regulation
Certain products have Ex cetificate

Product examples