hot air ceramic heaters

Forced convection achieved by the fan


These heaters are used for direct heating and provide hot air and gas up to 500°C. The ceramic element is usually mounted in a tube or housing, and the use of a fan is mandatory. Elektrotermija produces a wide range of hot air heaters with round ceramic bodies. Resistance coils are placed in longitudinal holes or grooves on ceramic bodies or suspended on ceramic bearers. The method of heat transfer is forced convection.


  • Heating and curing adhesives
  • Sterilization of medical equipment
  • Circuit boards heating and soldering
  • Plastic forming, preheating and plastic welding
  • Shrink foil packaging machines
  • Finishing paper products, sealing cardboard
  • Hot air guns for shoes industry
  • Synthetic fabric sewing
  • Drying, laminating, metal working

Technical data

Type of heating

Forced convection - air heating


Cordierite C520


Heaters available on stock: Ø16x208mm, Ø22x100mm, Ø26x85mm, Ø44x80mm

Other dimensions available upon request


Assembled into protective tube or housing


Connection wires, round pins


Standard range or acc. to customer specification
One, two or three wattage ratings/element
Round shape ceramic or ceramic bearers


Voltage: 230V, 2x230V
Power: 650W, 1550W, 3300W, 2x1650W
Operating temperature: Max. 500°C

Optional: Protective stainless steel housing, Micanite insulation tube

Regulation: External thermostat, Thermal cut-off, Air velocity or flow control


  • High watt densities
  • Fast warm up
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Can be installed in any direction
  • Rugged construction for long service life

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