Panel convectors

Fully controllable and extra comfortable heating


Elektrotermija offers panel convectors of an modern aesthetic design paired with the newest heating technologies. So you can heat efficiently and reduce your energy costs.
This panel convector contains special heat retention ceramic tablets and digital electronic thermostat, that allows extra comfortable and fully controlable heating. Ceramic tablets are made from 100% neutral bio-degradable materials. They continues to provide additional heat to the room for up to 30 minutes without any further use of electicity. It can potentially reduce electricity consumption by up to 10% less than traditional electric heaters with convectors. Wall mounted or free-standing option available.



  • Interseasonal or full-season heating
  • Low-energy consumption houses, holiday homes, stationary or mobile
  • Small apartments
  • Private or commercial uses
  • Living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, workrooms
  • Heating of bathrooms and toilets
  • Offices, shops, bars, galleries, schools, kindergardens

Technical data

Type of heating

Natural convection heat
Radiant heat


Housing completely made of sheet metal
Special ceramic storage
Aluminum heating element


750x450x68 mm, 11.5 kg, 1000W and 1200W
1050x450x68 mm, 15 kg, 1500W and 2000W


Wall mounted option
Free-standing option, with feet stands


Cable with a plug, approx. 1m long


Compact, solid, modern design

Lacquered paint finish, colour white RAL 9003


Voltage: 230V
Power: 1000-2000W
Protection class IP24 - splash proof for use in bathrooms and wet areas

Electronic digital thermostat
LCD display with background lighting
Double overheat safety protection
Setting options: ONN/OFF mode, Comfort mode, Economy mode, Frost protection mode


  • Elegant slimline design
  • Digital thermostat for precise temperature regulation
  • Lower surface temperature radiator
  • Heat retention ceramic provide additional heating time
  • Different setting options
  • Noiseless, fast and cost efficient heating
  • In-built automatic twin safety cut-out protection
  • Two years warranty and service provided

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