Protective tubes for heaters

Protection against damage, pressure or corrosion


Elektrotermija offers different types of protective tubes closed on one side mainly used for immersion heaters and galvanic heaters. They serves as a casing that surrounds the ceramic heating elements and protects them from mechanical damage or corrosion. Available materials are porcelain, titanium, quartz glass and stainless steel quality AiSi 304, AiSi 316L or AiSi 316Ti. Other materials upon request. Material choice depends on fluid and its characteristics. One side of stainless steel tube is closed and other side can be equipped with a nipple, flange or mounting plate. The bottom of the stainless steel and titanium tubes is TIG welded.


  • Galvanic heaters
  • Indirect immersion heaters
  • Industrial baths
  • Industrial ovens
  • Ceramic heating elements
  • Customer designed constructions

Technical data


Stainless steel
Quartz glass


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Diameter: Ø30-Ø70mm
Length: 300-3000mm


Adapted for the application

Horizontal or vertical mounting position


Tubes closed on one side

TIG welded flat bottom (Stainless steel and Titanium)
Round bottom (Porcelain and Quartz glass)


Stainless steel tube can be made with threaded nipple, mounting flange or plate

It can be prepared for the installation of protective caps and housings

Stainless steel tube can be made with additional teflon (PTFE) coating for aggressive environments


  • Changing the heater without removing the tube
  • No need to take out liquid from tank
  • Protection from damage and harsh environments
  • Dimensions, materials and design upon request

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