Thermowells made of copper or stainless steel


In order to protect capilary probes or temperature sensors, Elektrotermija offers different types of thermostat tubes, also known as thermowells. They serves as a casing that surrounds the probes or sensors and protects them from damage, excess presure and corrosion. Thermosat tubes are usually mounted permanently to the vessel or pipe. One side of tube is closed and other side can be equipped with a nipple, flange or plate upon customer's requests. They are produced out of copper or stainless steel tubes. Copper tubes usually have round, friction welded bottom. Stainless steel tubes usually have flat or sharp, TIG welded bottom.


  • Electric water heaters, boilers and tanks
  • Protection of capillary probes of thermostats
  • Protection of temperature sensors (thermocouples and RTDs)
  • Mounted to the vessel or pipe

Technical data


Tube: Copper or Stainless steel
Nipple, flange, plate: Brass or Stainless steel


Standard range or acc. to customer specification

Diameter: Ø8-Ø16mm
Length: 100-1000mm


Threaded nipples M14x1 or G1/2"
Mounting flanges or plates


TIG welded bottom or friction welded bottom
Round, sharp or flat bottom
With or without nipple, flange or plate


Additional teflon (PTFE) coating for aggressive environments


  • Increased service life of thermostat or temperature sensors
  • Replacement without draining the sistem
  • Protection from damage and harsh environments
  • Dimensions and design acc. to customer specification

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